The Barnyard, Highway, Wiltshire, SN11 8SR

St Margaret’s – Calne

When Jeremy Sidmouth first approached us and invited us to bring children from St Margaret’s to Highway Manor we were delighted. After an extensive tour of the grounds and in-depth discussions about future developments, we knew that Highway Manor was the best place to locate our Eco and Outdoor Learning (EcoOL) activities. Each week on arrival, the children and adults are greeted by the very friendly staff, who often ask the children questions, showing an interest in the focus of our sessions. At the end of the sessions the children are always keen to celebrate their achievements with the adults. The children were also thrilled that Lord Sidmouth and Farmer Dave were able to attend their Class Assembly on EcoOL School activities. 

The peace and tranquillity of the location gives them the opportunity of safely exploring the extensive grounds.

Each week the children develop different aspects of the Early Years curriculum through a very wide range of activities. These often consolidate learning that has taken place that week. Activities have included making patterns with natural materials, including Rangoli patterns; number and grapheme hunts around the woods, exploration and role-play activities, team games, sketching, den building and hunting for the evidence of different seasons.